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China is the oldest continuous major world civilization, with records dating back about 3,500 years. Prior to early 20th century, China was ruled by dozens of successive dynasties. With the weakening of the Qing Dynasty in the 19th century, prosperity diminished and China suffered massive social strife and economic stagnation. A revolutionary military uprising in October 1911 overthrew the Qing Dynasty and ended the monarchy system in China, but in the next few decades China continued to suffer from internal conflicts. In 1949, the People's Republic of China (PRC) was founded after the Communist Party defeated the nationalist Kuomintang in a civil war.

China embarked on a market-oriented economic reform in the late 1970s that brought significant changes to the country. As a result, living standards for much of the population have improved dramatically, although political freedom remains limited. With a population of more than 1.3 billion, China is the most populous country in the world. China is also the fastest growing economy in the world, with GDP expanding at an annual average rate of around nine percent over the past two decades. Benefiting from increased access to foreign markets since joining the World Trade Organization in 2001, China has become one of the world’s largest trading countries as well as a global economic force.

Country Forecast
Major Cities
City Population
Shanghai 14,608,512
Zhumadian 8,263,100
Beijing 7,480,601
Key Data
Region : Asia
Population : 1,355,692,544
Area Total : 9,596,960 km2
Area Land : 9,326,410 km2
Coast Line : 14,500 km
Capital : Beijing (Peking)
Climate : Extremely diverse; tropical in south, desert in the northwest and subarctic in north, among other typologies.
Languages : Standard Chinese or Mandarin
Yue (Cantonese)
Wu (Shanghaiese)
Minbei (Fuzhou)
Minnan (Hokkien-Taiwanese)
Various other dialects
Currency : 1 yuan (Y) = 10 jiao
Holiday : National Day is 1 October (1949), Children's Day is 1 June
Average Daily TemperatureBoundaries
January : -4.40°C / 24.00°F
July : 26.00°C / 79.00°F
Annual Rainfall : 632.46mm / 24.9"
Mongolia 4673km
Russia 3645km
India 3380km
Myanmar 2185km
Kazakhstan 1533km
Korea, North 1416km
Vietnam 1281km
Nepal 1236km
Kyrgyzstan 858km
Pakistan 523km
Bhutan 470km
Laos 423km
Tajikistan 414km
Afghanistan 76km
Ethnic DivisionsReligions
Han Chinese 92%
Aetheist (China is officially an aetheist country) 92%
Christian 3%
Buddhist 2%
Daoist (Taoist) 2%
Muslim 1%

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