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By the early 1900s, Britain was in control of present-day Malaysia and Singapore, which were occupied by Japan during World War II. After the war, the Federation of Malaya was formed in 1948 under British authority, but became independent in 1957. In 1963 the Federation of Malaysia was formed with Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah joining the federation. In August 1965, Singapore seceded from Malaysia because of its friction with the central government, and Singapore became an independent country. Under Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia’s Prime Minister between 1981 and 2003, the country was successful in diversifying its economy from dependence on exports of raw materials to expansion in manufacturing, services, and tourism. Malaysia today boasts one of Southeast Asia's most vibrant economies as a result of decades of rapid industrialization and political stability.

Country Forecast
Major Cities
City Population
Kampung Baru Subang 833,571
Klang 879,867
Kuala Lumpur 1,453,975
Key Data
Region : Asia
Population : 30,073,352
Area Total : 329,750 km2
Area Land : 328,550 km2
Coast Line : 4,675 km
Capital : Kuala Lumpur
Climate : Tropical, annual southwest (April to October) and northeast (October to February) monsoons
Languages : Peninsular Malaysia: Malay (official), English, Chinese dialects, Tamil. Sabah: English, Malay, numerous tribal dialects, Chinese (Mandarin and Hakka dialects predominate). Sarawak: English, Malay, Mandarin, numerous tribal languages
Currency : 1 ringgit (M$) = 100 sen
Holiday : National Day is 31 August (1957)
Average Daily TemperatureBoundaries
January : 26.50°C / 79.00°F
July : 26.50°C / 79.70°F
Annual Rainfall : 2393.6mm / 94.2"
Indonesia 1782km
Thailand 506km
Brunei 381km
Ethnic DivisionsReligions
Malay 49%
Chinese 25%
Other Indigenous 11%
Other 8%
Indian 7%
Buddhism, Daoism and Confuscianism
Hinduism and Sikhism
Shamanism and other indigenous beliefs

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